Why choose the abiliti ® system?

  • It's gentle: the abiliti system works by making you feel full so that you consume less.
  • You are free to enjoy life: The abiliti system doesn't put any restrictions on your lifestyle. You can eat and drink what you choose – you will just choose to eat less.
  • It's safe: The abiliti device is safely placed into your abdomen with little risk of short-term or long-term complications.
  • It's smart: The abiliti system automatically monitors when you eat, drink, and exercise. So you and your physician can spot trends and make lifestyle choices that help you lose weight – and keep it off.
    • Tired of manually logging all of your meals? abiliti makes a note of when you eat.
    • Can't remember when you exercised or how far you went? abiliti tracks all your activities, providing a simple summary of your calories burned.
  • It's social: As an abiliti user, you're never alone – you will be part of a community of like-minded individuals. Through this community, you can learn more about weight loss, share your experience, encourage others, and participate in online forums covering a range of topics.
  • It's proven technology: The abiliti system is based on technology used successfully in millions of cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators.

The abiliti ® system has received the CE Mark in the European Union. Not available in the United States.