You have the abiliti®

With the abiliti system, you have the abiliti to take control of your weight – and your health. You may also find the satisfaction and confidence that come with taking positive steps toward weight loss success.

A gentler way to lose weight

Achieve your weight loss goals without the discomfort, side effects, and lifestyle changes experienced with other surgical weight loss approaches. The abiliti system works by gently stimulating your stomach when you eat or drink something to give you a feeling of fullness, so you are more likely to eat less – and lose more.

A smarter way to lose weight

By providing effective weight-loss tools and a support network, the abiliti system empowers you to change your behavior and create a healthy lifestyle. The system automatically records when you eat, drink, and exercise. This information can be wirelessly sent to a laptop computer for you and your surgeon or physician to review. This enables you to easily monitor your eating and exercise patterns, track your progress, spot trends, and identify areas that need special attention.

The abiliti® system has received the CE Mark in the European Union. Not available in the United States.