For Physicians and Surgeons

The abiliti® system may be the answer for patients who want an effective but gentle weight loss solution.

The abiliti system technology senses when a patient eats, drinks, or is active. Upon detection of food or drink entering the stomach, the system delivers a series of low-energy electrical impulses to the stomach, providing gastric stimulation that creates an early sensation of satiety. This feeling of fullness helps to reduce the patient's desire to overeat or to eat between meals. The level of gastric stimulation can be customized for patients based upon their individual needs.

Unique patient support

The abiliti® system also incorporates essential components of behavior therapy. Consumption and activity data are collected and displayed in a format that provides insight into patient eating, drinking, and exercise patterns. Understanding these patterns supports the development of behavior modification strategies.

Patients continue to receive support far beyond surgical follow-up visits. Through connections to other individuals who are on the path to a healthier weight, patients can discuss shared goals and experiences. Peer support has been shown to be an important component of weight loss.

Minimally invasive

The abiliti procedure is minimally invasive and fully reversible. It does not significantly alter the anatomy, and it has an excellent safety profile. Importantly, the abiliti device imposes virtually no lifestyle restrictions on your patients – no special diets or vitamin supplements are necessary, and patients experience few, if any, side effects.

The abiliti® system has received the CE Mark in the European Union. Not available in the United States.