How the abiliti® System Works

The abiliti system works by 1) helping to control your appetite, and 2) automatically recording when you eat, drink, and exercise. In addition, patients have access to a social support network.

The implanted system consists of:

  • A stimulator – a small, battery-powered device similar to a cardiac pacemaker
  • A lead containing a stimulation electrode and food sensor

The abiliti® system stimulator

The abiliti system's onboard food and activity sensors automatically track details of consumption and activity. This information can be wirelessly sent to a computer for the patient and physician to view. Using this information, patients can create an online journal of their daily calorie budget. This journal provides the foundation for behavior therapy, including self-monitoring, stimulus control, and social support—all of which are key components of a successful weight loss program.

The abiliti procedure

The abiliti system is implanted laparoscopically using 3-4 ports. The procedure is contained to the anterior side of the stomach and requires no retraction of the liver.

  • The abiliti system stimulator electrode is placed on the lesser curvature of the stomach near the pes anserinus.
  • The diagnostic probe, which detects food or drink entering the stomach, is placed across the wall of the stomach. (See animation)
  • Using the abiliti device programmer, the surgeon or physician can monitor the system wirelessly, modify therapy settings, and download consumption and activity information collected by the system's implanted sensors.

The abiliti® system has received the CE Mark in the European Union. Not available in the United States.