Alejandra's Story

Alejandra’s Story

Age: 22 years
Occupation: Nurse

After 9 months with the abiliti® system, Alejandra has lost 27 kg. In this interview, Alejandra describes why she chose the abiliti system, her experience with the system, and how it’s changed her life.

Photo of Alejandra the nurse

Q: What made you decide on a surgical procedure?
A: After testing a thousand diets, sports, trainers, gyms, I still had not been successful in losing weight.

Q: How long have you been trying diets? Why do you think that diet and exercise alone aren’t enough?
A: I’d been dieting since age 16. Dieting isn’t enough because you give up too easily. You may see, at first, that you’re losing a lot of weight, but then you give up and gain the weight back. You continue dieting for a couple of months, and then throw in the towel because it’s too difficult to maintain.

Q: Had you thought before about a gastric band or gastric bypass surgery?
A: Yes. I was going to undergo a sleeve gastrectomy. I’d already talked to some doctors when this opportunity came up.

Q: How did you learn about the abiliti system?
A: Through one of the surgeons who was going to operate on me. We were working at the same hospital and I was planning to have him operate on me. He told me about the system, and it seemed to be an excellent solution to my problem.

Q: What convinced you to take part in the study?
A: Knowing the doctor, knowing what kind of work he does, the doctor’s reputation and, most of all, how non-invasive the procedure is.

Q: How was this procedure for you?
A: Very good. That same day I was able to get up, they fed me, and I walked around. It went really well for me.

Q: What does the gastric stimulation feel like?
A: That’s hard to answer. It’s like a light pressure in the abdomen, a somewhat swollen sensation. I feel full, as if I’ve eaten a lot, but only after a small amount of food.

Q: Have you changed your eating behavior and habits through the abiliti system? / How were you able to lose weight?
A: Yes. Before, I didn’t know what carbohydrates were. I didn’t know the difference between different types of sugar. Now, I think about it more at mealtimes. You learn to distinguish all types of food. I didn’t do that before. Now I know how many calories there are in a beer or a scoop of ice cream. With the system, I am aware that “X” foods have the energy value you need for the entire day. Now I read the nutrition information on foods. It has also changed how I exercise - fast walking, jogging, which I didn’t use to do.

Q: When did you notice a change?
A: After a month. I went from being unable to wear many of my shirts and pants, to being able to wear them. I began feeling less tired. Before, I was short of breath, for example when I climbed the stairs. Also, I no longer sweat as much as before.

Q: Did people around you notice anything?
A: Yes. People around me say they notice I’m much thinner. They see me as being much more active too.

Q: How much weight would you like to lose?
A: I’d like to achieve my ideal weight of 74 kg. I have to lose 45 kilograms.

Q: How has your life changed since you’ve lost weight?
A: It allows me to do sports I couldn’t do before, like climbing and jogging, which feels like such a luxury. Before, I was too tired, but now I have the energy to be active. I’ve also changed my wardrobe, since I’ve dropped 10 sizes, from 56 to 48. Now I can shop in normal stores!

Q: Would you recommend the abiliti system to other people who want to lose weight?
A: Yes, I’d recommend it. Of course, they have to realize it’s not a miracle system; you have to do your part. Without the abiliti system, I wouldn’t have been able to lose the weight.

The abiliti® system has received the CE Mark in the European Union. Not available in the United States.